{ Facials }

As our first impression, our faces offer the world a glimpse at who we really are and are the windows through which we see the world. Our professional aestheticians will have your skin glowing and refreshed whether with a luxurious facial perfect fit to your exact skin type, by prescribing a precise skincare regimen for your skin’s individual needs, or a number of other services designed to make you look and feel your best!

{ Ion Cleanse }

Eliminating toxins is the first step in giving the body a chance to heal itself. Detoxification is fundamental to any health building program and detoxifying through the feet is ideal. There are over 360 acupuncture points on the body with more than 60 on the soles of the feet. Acupuncture points and reflexology points reflect the organs and other areas of the body which are ideal for detoxification.  Relax for 20-30 minutes in our detox footbath and feel the results.

{ Makeup }

Transform your complexion with exceptional makeup designed to showcase your skin and highlight the natural beauty of your features. Smooth and silky, our makeup line is of the highest quality. Enjoy a complimentary consultation – we’d love to help you find your perfect color palette for everyday or every special occasion!

{ Massage }

Relax and let our licensed massage therapists help ease your muscles (and your mind) back into a calm, comfortable state. Melt away all the stress and tension of your day one deep breath at a time as your knots and sore spots gently disappear. You’ll be ready to rejoin the world feeling completely refreshed and recharged!

{ Nail Care }

Settle into a chair and indulge in a little care and pampering for your hardest working assets – your hands and feet. Spoil yourself with a deluxe spa manicure and pedicure and enjoy the long-lasting strength and style gel nails provide. Your hands and feet will definitely thank you!

{ Waxing / Sugaring }

Eyebrows, legs, bikini, lips, and more–we do it all! Our highly trained (and gentle as possible!) professionals are here to help remove your unwanted hair and send you off with smooth and beautiful skin. You’ll love the way you look and feel! Learn more about the benefits of Sugaring!