Hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day Weekend!  I know we all enjoyed it.  Who could have asked for better weather?  None of us are going to complain about having to dig out the sweatshirts!

With fall in sight… it is a GREAT time to start thinking about how you all are going to maintain that tan you have… or if you don’t have… how you are going to get one… and how you can have it the HEALTHY way.

Expressions by design offers UV FREE spray tanning.  100% safe and damage free!  Many of you may wonder what the difference is between a ‘manual’ uv free spray and a ‘booth’ uv free spray.  Most people who have done both prefer the ‘manual’ over the ‘booth’.  You will get a much more even spray with a ‘manual’ for the operator can spray exactly where they need to, as well as manipulate your positions to get the inner thighs, underarms, etc.  Also… IF there happens to be a mistake or mishap in the spray (which rarely happens) the operator can fix the issue where it needs fixed instead of having to respray your entire body which would result in a darker appearance than originally wanted.

Stop in and try our 100% UV FREE Spray tan…. the SAFE way!!!