That is right… you have heard it on the news, in the newspapers, and everywhere else… “I got this disgusting fungus on my toe from a pedicure.”  So let us educate you so that you can have a wonderful pampering pedicure experience and know that you are NOT going to get the disgusting fungus that we have spoken of above.

Step 1:

  • Ask your nail technician if the instruments they are using are one time only use/disposable instruments.  If not… ask them how they are being sanitized.  If you do not trust them; ask them to SHOW you where/how they are sanitized.  Any technician who is doing it properly would be GLAD to show you.  If ever in doubt, bring your own (you will need a file, toe nail clippers, cuticle pusher, and a curette)

Step 2

  • Ask the technician what type of whirlpool foot bath they are using.  The big thrones that we all love are equipped in two ways… piped and pipe-free.  Pipe-free are the MOST sanitary, for the piped units can have been known to have bacteria in the pipes,  jets, and water filtration systems.  Pipe-free the jets can easily be removed, cleaned and sanitized after each use.  The foot basin can then be filled and properly sanitized as well.  Ask the technician if you can see the units sanitation log.  It is required to log each time the unit is sanitized.

Step 3

  • If you do not see your technician wash their hands before they start your service; ask if they have and ask if they will in front of you.

Step 4

  • Ask to see the technician’s license.  These need to be posted for the public to see.  You are looking for a Nail Tech license or a cosmology license.  Both are valid in the state of Iowa.

Step 5

  • Look out for yourself…  Don’t shave your legs the night before; if you did, it is not going to kill you; however the little nicks that razors can give is a ouch waiting to happen, bacteria can enter in and be very painful IF there is any bacteria in the unit (which there shouldn’t be if properly sanitized)
  • Tell your technicians of any medical conditions or medications you are taking
  • You should never be in pain.  If the technician is using too much pressure in massage, let them know.  If their tools are painful, tell them; it SHOULD NOT hurt.
  • Look for the little ‘extras’.  Many salons who are sanitizing properly and going the ‘extra’ mile for you are usually MORE than WILLING to let you know of them with sanitation signs, or menus that state who they are and why.

Step 6

  • ENJOY and SCHEDULE your next pedicure if you felt safe and pampered!