Most people would LOVE to have long, thick, and flowing hair. Right? We have some tips on containing that luscious hair we all strive for.

1. Buy the best shampoo & conditioner you can: Everyone’s budget is different but buying the best line for your hair really makes a difference. Hair care lines come in three different tiers: 1) you can find in grocery stores 2) those that you can find at Ulta 3) those in specialty stores or at the hairstylist. Some of these overlap obviously but you get the picture. The ones from the first tier are chock full of wax to keep the product lasting longer and wax is not good for your hair. Some of my favorite brands are: Aveda, Chi, John Frieda, Biolage, and Paul Mitchell.
2. Switch your shampoo & conditioner when you shower: Always have two to three different brands and switch it up at different times.
3. Comb through your hair while the conditioner is still in it: Use a wide tooth comb and comb through, starting with your ends, then twist is up and get along with your shower routine. This helps coat all the strands and detangle your hair. Plus it’s much easier than trying to fight it after you get out!
4. Air dry when you can: Everyone knows heat styling damages your hair, so try to air dry. Sometimes if it’s not dry in the morning, go over it with a hair dryer but usually it’s pretty dry.
5. Deep condition at least once a week: thick and long hair needs deep conditioner! It needs it like you need air! It strengthens, protects, and revitalizes your hair. Find a good one (or use coconut oil), saturate your dry hair, throw a hot towel around it, and chill for 10+ minutes, then rinse.