I bet a lot of people are wondering, is getting a pedicure good for my feet? Why yes it is!

Did you know that by getting frequent pedicure treatments, you are reducing pain, infection and joint pain?  A good pedicure is suppose to do all of these things plus give your confidence a boost.  Interested in learning more?  Here’s a comprehensive list of reasons why you should get pedicures all year long.

Pedicures help my feet because…

  • Increase confidence with wearing sandals. Some people feel insecure wearing sandals because they feel that their feet are not attractive enough.  Yet by going to a spa or performing an in-house pedicure treatment, your spirits will be boosted plus your feet will stay healthy.
  • Your skin and joints are healthier. Every pedicure regiment starts with a spa soak. A spa soak softens your skin and the spa bath, itself encourages circulation throughout your ankles and lower legs. This procedure reduces pain and swelling, and this is often the case since most people sit or stand throughout the day. In addition, softened skin decreases the chance of having corns and calluses formed.
  • Though pedicures are most popular during Summer and Spring time, consider getting them during Fall and Winter. Cold weather can serve as a drying agent for your skin and nails. If you don’t take proper care of your feet during colder months, you may get dry and brittle nails. Aside from the fact that they are super painful, this could increase your chance of getting an infection. So treat your feet, all year long.
  • Some people say the best part of getting a pedicure is getting a massage. Massages feel great but they also have positive health properties for your feet. A good foot massage can enhance circulation in the lower legs and feet. While this occurs, tight muscles will easily get loosened.  Massages also help enhance better joint performance, especially during cold weather seasons.


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