Everyone’s hair suffers from damage inflicted from daily styling, hot tools, chemicals, sun exposure, and more. Deep conditioning prevents hair damage, fights damage and strengthens hair– and even if you feel your hair isn’t damaged, deep conditioning is a great preventative tool to maintain your healthy looking hair.

If you already have healthy looking hair, you may ask yourself: is it necessary to deep condition? The answer is: All hair needs regular deep conditioning. Whether it’s considered healthy or has some damage, your hair will surely benefit from the nurturing and hydrating ingredients that deep conditioners offer. After deep conditioning, hair looks shinier and healthier, feels softer and silkier, and is more manageable.

The ingredients in deep conditioner are designed to hydrate and soften hair damaged by chemical processing (like hair color, perming or chemical straightening), heat exposure (to include curling & flat irons and the damaging effect of the sun), and medications (yes…some medication can leave hair feeling dry and rough).Deep conditioning also helps to improve hair elasticity by restoring moisture that allows the hair to better resist stretching and tension. Think of your hair like a rubber band, the more elasticity (or flexibility enabled by good hydration) it has, the longer it can resist tension or stretching before it breaks. In addition to making the hair look healthier and feel softer, deep conditioners are essential for preventing and combating hair breakage.

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